Pain Equals Gain

John 11:14-15  -  So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.”

Here, Jesus allows a man he loves, Lazarus to die to show His glory so the unbelieving would possibly believe. Jesus also loved Mary and Martha… Jesus spent the last weeks of his life in their home at least twice for sometime. It was said they were as close as family to Jesus.  Jesus put these woman thru a ton of pain for four plus days as they mourned the loss of their brother.

Wow,  such pain.  Short-term pain for a long term gain.

We don’t know who believed as a result of Lazarus resurrection. I would think many as this story went racing thru the community.   I got to thinking about short-term pain for long term gain. Pain is part of creation and part of God’s plan to strengthen us.

Like a muscle, it needs to be torn and put thru short term suffering for the longer term strength. The more short term stretching, tearing, pressure and pain, the stronger the muscle.  “Deep core strength”.  We can see how God works even in our own bodies.  If we spend our lives in pain avoidance we could easily be weakening ourselves and those we love.

Embracing short term pain for the riches of the Glory of God is worth it.  Maybe we give up some sinful pleasures or we give of our substance to aid another. In any case,  the challenge before us is pain does strengthen us.  Embracing the challenges of life and the trials which surly come can be a positive sign of growth.

Pain equals gain.

-Randy Alward (President, Maranatha! Music)

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