Psalms Alive with Rob Mathes
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Passionate praise, intimate worship, classical roots, sounds of soft jazz, warm vocals, stirring choruses, and contemplative acoustic sets. The sensitive and unique music of Rob Mathes, one of New York City's most gifted songwriters, arrangers, singers, musicians, and worshippers. The Psalms of King David brought to life by a master musician.

Track List:

How Glorious The Splendor (Psalm 145)
I Am Not Afraid (Psalm 46 & 56)
Hear My Prayer (Psalm 61)
How Lovely Your Dwelling Place (Psalm 84)
Behold, He Does Not Sleep (Psalm 121)
Stand In The Congregation (Psalm 22)
Your Throne Oh God (Psalm 45)
If The Lord Had Not Been On Our Side (Psalm 45)
Here I Am (Psalm 40)
Psalm 131
I See The Lord