The Invitation: Rick Warren
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The Invitation features spoken Biblical truth supported with songs of faith from today's best-selling Christian artists. This Biblical and musical mosaic helps guide the modern-day seeker through the conversion experience to Christ - from the recognition of the need for a Savior from sin, to an evangelistic message and prayer to receive Christ. The CD concludes with an inspiring worship set.

Through the combination of the Scripture's evangelistic message, the anointed delivery of this message by Rick Warren, pastor and renowned author of the best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life, and the support of powerful songs of faith, The Invitation stands to change lives just as printed tracts have. Believers reaching out to seekers can use this tool in a non-threatening way to present the clarity of the Gospel. Features music by Casting Crowns, Amy Grant, Pocket Full of Rocks, and more.

Track List: 

What Am I Here For?
We Are Created By A Perfect God, Yet Are An Imperfect People
God Loves Us, And Has Created A Way Of Salvation For Us
Jesus Is The Truth
Accept, Believe, Receive
Accepting Jesus as Savior