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I cannot put into words the impact that your music has had on me. From the first praise album to now I will always thank God for your wonderful ministry.

Ray C.

You all have been a blessing to me since the late 70's. Your early "Praise I & II" and "Praise Strings I & II" helped shape my life in my early days. Through the years I have thought back to those songs and still received strength and encouragement!

Ronald L.

We would simply like to say thank you for the many anointed albums you recorded over the years!

Steve & Velveta T.

I have just played this album for the first time in over 31 years. Just as when I first bought it, my Spirit has been blessed to no end. I would just like to give you thanks and all involved in producing such music. I pray God continue to bless your creativity and ministry.

Anthony R.

I received Top 50 Praise Songs of 2016 and I LOVE IT, I play it in car all the time!

Joanne H.